Has the Pandemic Become Endemic?

by John J. Dalton, FHFMA, Editor, The Three Minute ReadTM The short answer – not quite yet! The word “endemic” comes from the Greek endēmos, which means “in population.” An endemic virus is relatively constant in a population with largely predictable patterns, with the seasonal flu perhaps the best example.  It’s likely that Covid-19 ultimately … Continue reading Has the Pandemic Become Endemic?

Ignoring Science Does Not Make It Go Away – Our Crisis in National Leadership

From early in the pandemic, our public health leaders have said there were five things that each of us should do to protect ourselves and each other from the coronavirus and to mitigate its spread: Wear a mask or face covering when you are out in public. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water … Continue reading Ignoring Science Does Not Make It Go Away – Our Crisis in National Leadership

Freedom and Frontline Workers

In mid-July I read a very interesting – and sad – commentary on Americans, the pandemic and wearing masks that was written by Eli Saslow, a reporter at The Washington Post. The article is entitled “No mask no entry. Is that clear enough? That seems pretty clear, right?” Here is the link to the article … Continue reading Freedom and Frontline Workers

Pandemic Lessons

Once the coronavirus epidemic is behind us and social distancing is not our day-to-day way of life, there will be many detailed analyses and debates about how the pandemic has changed life in America. There will be many new ideas about how to prevent national and regional epidemics. There will be new proposals for universal … Continue reading Pandemic Lessons