Healing American Healthcare Coalition™

“Americans will always do the right thing in the end, but only after exhausting all other possibilities.” – Winston Churchill, 1941

The Healing American Healthcare Coalition™ is an independent organization dedicated to providing its members with timely and insightful information and reports concerning universal healthcare proposals and programs.  The Coalition is not a political action committee, nor is it affiliated with any political party. The Coalition’s mission is to be a trusted objective source regarding current discussions on healthcare initiatives that impact the health and well-being of Americans today and in the future. Click here to view a infographic about our approach to healthcare policy.

The Coalition is on the front line to give you a stronger, more knowledgeable voice on the pathway toward universal healthcare in America. It is especially important to develop a comprehensive plan that maintains choice for doctors, nurses, patients and healthcare providers that is not a costly and unrealistic single-payer Medicare-for-All plan. The Coalition keeps members informed about the evolving issues in healthcare through its monthly e-newsletter, The Three Minute Read™.

As its name implies, the newsletter is designed to update members in a concise and focused way. It provides brief executive summaries of key articles from several sources to keep members informed on healthcare policy and universal healthcare initiatives that are important to all. Each executive summary includes a link to the original article. If a member would like to continue reading about a specific topic they can easily access the entire article to learn more.

Members can also email us with any special requests they have about a particular healthcare policy topic or article, and we will work to meet these unique requests for additional information.

From time to time we also write opinion articles and blogs on specific issues and make these available to members as they are released to the public.

Members are also invited to our series of virtual symposiums on key issues in healthcare today. Members can participate live or listen to recorded versions when time permits.

As a special incentive to join the Coalition, your annual subscription will include a free e-copy of our reference book, Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality are for All, While Saving $1 Trillion a Year.

Membership in the coalition costs only $15.00 per year and includes a minimum of 24 monthly  newsletters, copies of our press releases and opinion articles and invitations to our online symposiums.

For more information, send an email to us at info@healingamericanhealthcare.org.

Join the Healing American Healthcare Coalition™ to be well informed on emerging healthcare policy research and practical issues we all need to think about.