Healing American Healthcare Coalition™

“Americans will always do the right thing in the end, but only after exhausting all other possibilities.” – Winston Churchill, 1941

The Healing American Healthcare Coalition™ provides its members with timely and insightful information on pandemic research and developing universal healthcare programs. The Coalition is not a political action committee, nor is it affiliated with any political party. Our mission is to be a trusted, objective source regarding current national discussions on healthcare initiatives that affect the health and well-being of all Americans. Click here to view an infographic about our approach to the future of healthcare in America.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the second book in our Healing American Healthcare™ series, Lessons Learned from the Pandemic, that will be published in November.

To celebrate the completion of our new book, and the success of our coalition’s newsletter, The Three Minute Read™ over the last 20 months, we are having a membership sale for the month of October.  You can now join the coalition for only $1.00 per month!

Your subscription includes a free e-copy of Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality Care for All While Saving $1 Trillion a Year along with our twice monthly newsletter, a 20% discount coupon for the new book, copies of press releases and opinion articles and links to podcasts and invitations to online symposiums.