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The Healing American Healthcare Coalition™ is pleased to recommend these resources for learning more about the economics, politics, and social impact of healthcare policy in the United States.

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Abelson, Reed, Goodnough, Abby and Thomas, Katie, July 20, 2017, How to Repair the Health Law (It’s Tricky but Not Impossible), The New York Times

Altman, Drew, November 22, 2017, The biggest health issue we aren’t debating, AXIOS

Amadeo, Kimberly, November 27, 2017, Medical Bankruptcy and the Economy, www.thebalance.com

American Hospital Association, Fast Facts on U.S. Hospitals 2018 (Data from 2016)

Arndt, Rachel Z. October10, 2017 Limited reimbursement hinders telehealth adoption, Modern Healthcare

An Overview of Medicare, November 22, 2017, The Hennery J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Bannow, Tara, January 4, 2018, Hospital profits continued their rise in 2016, Modern Healthcare

Bauer, Sarah C. and Patel, Angira, March 22, 2018, We Need to Talk More about Physician Burnout, The Scientific American

Beaton, Thomas, February 19, 2018, Ongoing Payer Consolidation Leads to
Consumer Premium Hikes, HealthPayer Intelligence

Blumenthal, David, Seerval, Shanoor, Bishop, Shawn, August 22, 2018, Three Essentials for Negotiating Lower Drug Prices, To the Point, The Commonwealth Fund 

Castellucci, Maria, Dickson, Virgil, August 30, 2018, Medicare ACOs saved CMS $314 million in 2017, Modern Healthcare

Cubanski, Juliette and Neuman, Tricia, June 22, 2018, The Facts on Medicare Spending and Financing, The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation

Fact Sheet: PCAST Report on Systems Engineering in Health Care, May 29, 2017, Office of Science & Technology Policy, A Report to the President

Frank, Robert H., June10, 2018, Would a Single-Payer System Require Painful Sacrifices From Doctors? The New York Times

Garfield, Rachel, Rudowitz, Robin, Damico, Anthony, January 5, 2018, Understanding the Intersection of Medicaid and Work, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Gawande, Atule: Medicine has become a team sport – so how do we treat it as one? TED Talks, 12/27/2017.

Kacik, Alex, and Livingston, Shelley, February 3, 2018, Disrupted: American healthcare has reached its tipping point, Modern Health

Lambrew, Jeanne M. June 26, 2018 Getting Ready for Health reform 2020:  What Past Presidential Campaigns Can Teach Us, The Commonwealth Fund

Lee, Bruce Y., May 8, 2016, Very Profitable Nonprofit Hospitals…But Where are the Profits Going? Forbes

Livingston, Shelby, November 11, 2017, UnitedHealth envy’ driving insurance industry shake-up, Modern Healthcare

Marcus, Mary Brophy, March 20, 2017, New report predict “troubling shortage of doctors in the U.S., CBS News

Mathews, Anne Wilde, September 20, 2017, Cost of employer-provided health insurance rises toward $19,000 per year, The Wall Street Journal

Meyer, Harris, May 16, 2018, Not-for-profits dominate top-10 list of hospitals with biggest surpluses, Modern Healthcare

Morgan, Alan, June 11, 2018, Rural hospitals need a strong safety net, new approaches to care delivery, payment, Modern Healthcare

Sharpe, Jennifer, September 18, 2017, Health care jobs dominate 2017 US News’ Best Jobs List, NJBIZ.com

Starr, Paul, January 4, 2018, A New Strategy for Health Care, The American Prospect

Thomas, Katie, February 23, 2018, Patients Eagerly Awaiting a Generic Drug, Then They Say the Price, The New York Times

Sanger-Katz, Margot, March 21, 2018, Getting Sick Can Be Really Expensive, Even for the Insured, The New York Times

Sun, Lena H., May 3, 2016, These hospitals make the most money off patients – and they’re mostly nonprofits, The Washington Post

US Medical Debt: 10 Facts that Will Shock You, updated December 14, 2017, The National Bankruptcy Forum

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