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In July 2020 Readers’ Favorite, one of the largest book review sites on the internet, released new five star reviews of Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality Care for All While Saving $1 Trillion a Year.

Americans will always do the right thing in the end, but only after exhausting all other possibilities.” This humorous but perceptive quote from Winston Churchill introduces a deeply intriguing and timely proposal for universal healthcare in the U.S. as outlined by Edward C. Eichhorn Jr. and Dr. Michael Hutchinson (Eichhorn-Hutchinson Plan) in their book: Healing American Healthcare. Their proposal is based on years of study, professional experience, considerable and well-documented research, and a set of foundational presumptions held by a majority of Americans:

  • Health care should be a birthright and not a privilege.
  • Seeking health care should not have the potential to lead to bankruptcy.
  • We need to address the cost of health care and the excessive profit that exists in our health care system.

The Eichhorn-Hutchinson Plan is also informed by one overriding, readily verifiable statistic: The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, on a per capita basis, yet has poorer aggregate outcomes and poorer coverage than any other country in the developed world. The Allcare option envisioned by Edward C. Eichhorn Jr. and Dr. Michael Hutchinson in Healing American Healthcare “is not a socialistic system; it is a federally funded program with services provided by privately owned and operated entities, much like Medicare.” Supported by figures and projections easily understood by the general reader, this plan deserves attention and consideration from anyone interested in resolving the current healthcare crisis in America, but most especially from legislators responsible for bringing the United States into healthy co-existence with our progressive partners in the world.

Joel R. Dennstedt, Author and Top Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite

Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality Care For All While Saving $1 Trillion A Year is a work of non-fiction focusing on government, policy, and healthcare, and was penned by author duo Edward C. Eichhorn Jr and Dr. Michael Hutchinson. In this concise yet comprehensive work, the authors discuss the current state of healthcare in the United States of America, with a view to how widespread changes could be made to produce a system more befitting of modern democracy. The plan focuses on reducing costs for all, improving the quality of treatment for patients, but also the quality of treatment for healthcare professionals themselves, and the reduction of bureaucracy across the field as a whole.

Author team Edward C. Eichhorn Jr. and Dr. Michael Hutchinson have crafted a truly excellent work that not only points out the flawed system of U.S. healthcare and its inevitable descent into a bureaucratic nightmare, but they also deliver a well-penned vision of hope for reform in the future. The organization of the work gives a great build-up to contextualize the ideas before they are put forth, and the narrative skills of the authors mean that novices to the world of healthcare and governmental reform can dive right in and understand the issues from an accessible perspective. The piece is thoughtfully penned with many excellent ideas. Overall, I would highly recommend Healing American Healthcare as an essential read for those who work in or are involved in the U.S. healthcare system at present, and those who are interested in reading up for their own insight.

K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

In Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality Care for All, While Saving $1 Trillion a Year, authors Edward Eichhorn and Michael Hutchinson, who between them have almost 75 years of experience in American healthcare, make the case for universal coverage. They show, in a readily understandable way, just how quality care can be made available to all Americans, while saving the U.S. $1 trillion per year. The book traces the origins of the high cost of our current system and discusses how it affects both patients and doctors.

The authors’ research and the experience of their careers in our healthcare system have given them the expertise to suggest that as a nation we can provide care for all, while reducing our overall cost of care by $1 trillion per year. The book discusses the sources of the high cost of our current healthcare system and how it affects all of us – especially doctors and patients.

Their plan reduces bureaucracy and medical waste, while improving quality and creating much-needed competition. Savings to corporations alone would be as much as $173 billion annually, with total savings of $1 trillion, or 5% of GDP – an enormous boost for the economy.

There is no reason why the current expensive healthcare mess should continue, and no reason why American healthcare cannot once again be the envy of the world.

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